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Toll Management System

Extreme builds two- and three-tier integrated systems using ever-advancing, state-of-the-art software, hardware and network technologies. Extreme suite enables highly tailored yet stable toll collection and revenue management. Extreme software suite includes modules for lane operation, VES/ALPR, supervisor transaction monitoring, supervisor cash in, system administration, audit, reconciliation, reporting, and external data exchange.

Toll Management System

Eliminate fraud and maximize revenue

Advanced analytics ensures that each and every transaction is auditable and fraud is eliminated. The system automatically checks for exceptions with no extra effort at your end.

Improve vehicle classification

Our automatic vehicle classification systems (AVCS) simplifies the most complex vehicle classification requirements, from around the world, as it has been perfected through decades of processing millions of vehicles.

Enable faster processing

You can ensure a faster and smoother payment process for customers with our multiple payment methods that use pre-integrated and tested standards like RFID, Microwave etc.

High system uptime

Our automated diagnostic and pre-failure analytics prevent any system down time from occurring by alerting maintenance teams in advance. We ensure minimum preventive maintenance and fast turnaround time for any updates.

Easy management dashboard

A user-friendly management dashboard makes it easy for you to understand reports. Our tool works on mobile, tablet and sends you instant alerts in case of any incident detections like fraud, uptime etc.

Toll Management System

Our designs employ technology implemented with the Microsoft .NET framework, MS Sql, and Cisco network security to implement the most current web-browser-based applications. These applications run over existing private networks or over the Internet using high-security virtual private networks.