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Security Products

Innovative security surveillance through Infrared device

Security Products

Extreme IR001

Model:  Extreme IR001
Size :   L 48mm * W 35mm * H 15mm
Camera :  CMOS Sensor / 1.3 million Pixel
Expansion card :  Micro T-Flash card,Support 64M---32GB Byte
Battery :   Polymer(600mAh)
Standby Time :   Work 0.5-5 days / Standby 7-10 days
Induction distance :   0--8m
Monitoring scope :   100 Square meters

Product Overview :

Support global frequency ranges:GSM850 ,GSM900,DCS1800,PCS1900; Compact design. The signal is strong; loud Voice; Positioning accuracy; Picture is clear; Image transmission speed, stable performance; Super-long standby; Universal around the world. It has greatest advantage.

Support Country : (China Britain France Germany Holland Spain Brazil, Portugal, Denmark Russia Poland Turkey India Greece Hungary Thailand Indonesia Malaysia Vietnam, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and so on)

Product features :

  • The initiative for MMS
  • Send MMS infrared induction, and at the same time callback binding phone 1 to 2 minutes
  • Call automatic answer
  • The recording function
  • The video function
  • Positioning function

Binded Phone : After push-into the SIM card and press the power-key to Power on, send SMS order to bind your phone number.

MMS-CALL Alarm : It can take a 320X240 photo soon within 0-8 meters with the angular range 120 ° circles, when people or animals come across, then send out the picture and save it; later 3-12seconds, the photo reached the binded nums, and the machine start dial alarm.

Real-Time Take MMS : It can take a high definition piture and send out at once, within 3-12 seconds the picture reached the binded phone

Remote Video & Audio Record : It can record video or audio by order at any time if you put it in the house, car and warehouse, etc.

Auto Answer : it can let you listen the audio around it, the voice is clear, and the audio range is about 100 square meters,can start AGPS function after receive SMS order.

Application : elders, children, pets, car, shop, warehouse, steamer, home, office, hotel, storeroom, container, meeting room, etc.(anti-lost, monitor, alarm, location, etc. )

Extreme IR002

Operating Frequency:  4.50*3. 0*1.40 cm
Working Current :   below 10 mA
Idle Current :  below 0.05 mA
sensitivity :  5-8m center angle 90°

Function Introduction :

A. When the body is near, it will automatically start the alarm;

B. The highest sensitivity in the range of 4-5 meters;

C. Put the alarm cat or paste in a certain height, away from the body within 5 meters within the angular range 120 ° left and right, as long as people or animals, swaying back and forth in a very short time, induction start.

D. Connectivity can listen to a location within 15 meters of the situation, the sound is very clear.

Using Methods :

A. Turning on: open the deck lid, insert the SIM card follow the instructions in Figure deck automatically boot.

B. Number Binding: after 15 seconds calling from mobile phone and other communication tools, It will connect automatically. When you hear voice call, the binding succeeds. This operation is very simple.

C. while human body moving back and forth passing the sensor, the product will call the binding number.