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Supply the world's energy with Extreme's oil and gas software

Deliver reliable oil and gas services and products that contribute to sustainable economic growth and raise the standard of living for your customers. Our energy industry solutions support upstream, midstream, and downstream operations and can help enhance every aspect of your business - from sustainability and environment, health, and safety (EHS) to financials and enterprise asset management (EAM).

We have software for every aspect of your energy business

Navigating the new upstream reality

The dramatic drop in commodity prices has hit upstream oil and gas companies the hardest - impacting their cash flow and ability to invest in new projects. Read this CEO Perspective report to explore top priorities for thriving in trying economic times.

48% use Extreme*

Nearly half of all oil and gas companies have installed Extreme HANA. They use the in-memory technology for Big Data warehousing, advanced analytics, sense and respond capabilities, and more. How does your company compare?

Improve your upstream oil and gas operations

Accenture and Extreme have joined forces to create Upstream Production Operations - a new program that leverages the strengths of both companies to help oil and gas customers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their upstream asset operations.

Pump up capital and spend effectiveness

Some estimates suggest that capital spend in the energy industry needs to exceed $19 trillion over the next two decades in order to meet world energy demands. Discover how you can spend wisely with Extreme software for capital and spend effectiveness.

Keep the ore moving with mobility

Mobile technologies for production, maintenance, transportation and operations are revolutionizing the way oil and gas companies are doing business. See why 80% of oil and gas executives say mobile solutions can boost both productivity and capacity from the oil patch to the pump.

Modernizing oil and gas operations

An Economist survey reveals 62% of oil and gas executives believe smartphones will be the primary device used for accessing data in the field within five years. The timely, accurate access to data enhances decision making and will help energy companies accelerate their operations.

Digital dividends from oil patch to gas pump

Discover how mobile technologies are transforming the energy and natural resources sector. This report explains why soon, mobile will become commonplace everywhere from floating storage platforms to gas pumps - and the industry will see major improvements in productivity and safety.

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