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Place your audience at the heart of your business with Extreme software. We have cutting-edge solutions and technology for all sectors - including broadcasting and entertainment, Internet and social, and printing and publishing. Establish direct relationships with digital and non-digital audiences, and develop new ways to generate revenue from them.

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Extreme's media industry strategy

See how Extreme innovations help media companies embrace the digital era by leveraging Big Data and cloud solutions.

Can you compete?

Media companies can reduce the cycle time for financial forecasts by 35%* with collaborative planning and forecasting processes allowing supervisors to review statuses while individuals work on plans and forecasts in virtual teams. How does your company compare?

Content distribution: On time & on target

Read how Extreme Press Distribution software can help you deliver the right quantity of titles to the right location at the right time, every time - whether you distribute newspapers, magazines, books, or other publications.

Magazines: Monetize in the digital era

The era of traditional magazine publishing - based solely on revenue from subscriptions and advertising - is over. Read this guide to explore the big monetization challenges, and even larger opportunities, in the new era.

New technology for media & entertainment

Learn how leading media and entertainment companies are using new technologies - such as predictive Big Data analytics and the cloud - to improve content creation, boost customer-centricity, and monetize digital audiences.