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RFID Jewellery Management System

We have launched innovative Jewellery RFID system for automatic stock taking and anti counter theft protection. We have integrated both the features like RFID (For Stock Taking) + EAS (For Anti Counter Theft) in same Jewellery tag which give supreme comfort to our clients.

RFID Jewellery Management System

Functional Modules

Based on number of Objects and the transactions, we have divided the entire application into following modules:

Stocks (RFID Tags, Labels)

Product category wise RFID tag/ label for counter stock including tag printing options.

Stock management for gold, silver, diamond (loose & jewellery), stone, pearl, as well as platinum jewellery.

Purchase, sale and stock management of branded / MRP based items.

Supports multiple stock units like gross wt, net wt., fine wt. as well as pieces.

Manages stock in vault, counter, approval, sample; and stock lying with artisan / party.

Physical stock verification option through RFID System.

Supports diamond jewellery mfg process / job wise mfg process through artisans.

Accounting VAT/TDS.

All transactions right up to balance sheet.

Complete vat accounting.

Complete TDS accounting including printing of TDS certificates & reports.

Books of accounts include cash book, bank book, ledgers, sales /purchase registers, trial balance.

P&I accounts and balance sheet.

Complete artisan/ smith accounting viz. Outstanding in metal & cash, TDS & tracking of manufacturing activities.

Rate fixing for metal outstanding.

Complete accounts receivable module along with aging analysis & reminder letters.

Customer Relationship management

Customer data storage with complete details including referring customer.

You can set reminders for birth date, anniversary dates of customers.

Special search option to avoid duplication of customer data.

Option to store photographs of customers.

Facility to provide Invoice in customer friendly language (like Hindi) apart from English.

Facility to print customer address labels and address book.

Billing system.

Reporting System

Sale Reports

Retail Sales Invoice

Labour Bill

Sales against Approval

Retail Sales Returns

Estimate Printing

Wholesale Sales Invoice

Wholesale Sales Returns

Purchase Bill

URD / Old Ornaments Purchase Bills

Purchase against Approval

Retail Purchase Returns

Estimate Printing (Old Ornaments)

Wholesale Purchase Bill

Wholesale Purchase Returns

Wastage based metal accounting

Stock Reports

Stock Statement in different formats

Item Stock Ledger in detail as well as summary

Item Group (24CT/23CT/22CT etc) wise stock ledger

Metal Balance sheet

Closing Stock Valuation

Stock Valuation based on Wt. Avg. / FIFO

Daily Reports

Daily Activity

Report for Cash Counter Management

Daily Statement of Cash & Stock Summary

Sales Registers

Purchase Registers

Month wise Sales/ Purchase summary reports

Sales/ Purchase Returns Registers

Artisan/ Party

Issue & Receipt Registers

Accounts Reports

Cash, Bank, Journal & Day Books

Ledger Reports

VAT Reports

TDS Reports

Expense Analysis

Opening TB, Trial Balance

Trading account, P&L Account, Balance sheet



Extreme E1000 For RFID based stock management

E1000 UHF extends the E1000 family with integrated powerful UHF-band RFID technology into Andorid OS 4.0 Inside the compact hand-held device, IP64 water /dust proof, 1.2m/ 3.9ft drop survival, metal frame, shock-resistance rubber seals are all equipped to ensure durability. A dual core processor up to 1GHz, two batteries, 1GB RAM and up to 32GB expansion are all designed to boost up speed.

Anywhere Wireless Connectivity

Keep operators connected outdoor and indoor with 3.5G GSM / HSDPA cellular and 802.11b/g/n WIFI.

UHF Band RFID Technology

The ultra fast scanning speed with UHF, The very long detecting range up to 5 meters / 16 feet. With multi-tag support to boost your business ability.

The unique antenna design ensures the better radio level to capture signal from tags

Dual-battery Design

Installed main battery and pistol battery provides 3200mAh plus 5200mAh lager capacity, supporting more than doubled power to work out.

Ease of Use

With re-designed buttons, trigger, and options of numeric or Numeric or full alphanumeric keypad, creating inputting a real joy! Comes with a comfortable pistol, carrying the C4000 is totally burden-free.

Continuous Support

Extreme Live support, Tel support, Email support, etc. Extreme is always with you.


Technical Specification

Dimension :  44x13x4mm
Operating Freq. :   865-868MHz
Operating Temp :  -40°C to +85°C

Tag can be reuse 10000 Times. This tag can be use for security and Stock Maintenance


Technical Specification

Dimension :  36x15x0.86 mm
Operating Freq. :   865-868 MHz
Operating Temp :  -20º C to +70º C

Tag can be reuse 10000 Times. This tag is only Use for Stock Maintenance


Technical Specification

Material :  Acrylic
Frequency. :   865-868 Mhz and 58KHz
Dimension :  1500*300*20mm
Detection :  UHF/AM Tag : 1.5 - 2.4 M
Temp. Range. :   0°c~45°c
Power :  ≤15 W
Scanning :  ± 500KHz


Technical Specification

Material :  Acrylic
Frequency. :   865-868 Mhz and 58KHz
Dimension :  1500*370*20mm
Detection :  UHF/AM Tag : 1.5 - 2.4 M
Temp. Range. :   0°c~45°c
Power :  ≤15 W/td>
Scanning :  ± 500KHz

Jewellery Management System

We are expert in Jewellery Management system with more than 100 clients across India. With our incrediable customer support team, today we stand tall in the market.