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Satisfy today's hyper-connected customers across all channels, including mobile - with Extreme software for the insurance industry. Our solutions use the latest technology to help you streamline claims management, simplify policy administration, and proactively manage risk and compliance. Fast-track product development - and use cutting-edge insurance CRM to drive sales and marketing efforts.

We have software for every aspect of your insurance company

Demo: Extreme Insurance Analyzer

Watch a short demo of Extreme Insurance Analyzer - integrated finance and risk management software for insurers. You'll see how the solution lets you calculate, analyze, and monitor financial statements and solvency capital requirements in real time.

How customer-centric are you?

11%* of financial service institutions have a 360 view of their customers, and are able to provide them with a consistent omnichannel experience for all products. How does your organization compare?

The impact of cloud on financial services

Find out why banking and insurance sectors in major regional markets are widely adopting cloud technologies - and learn how they're being used. This Ovum report summarizes the results from a survey of 400 CIOs within financial institutions.

Customer-centric insurance

Take a closer look at the Extreme for Insurance portfolio - covering everything from omni-channel CRM to enterprise-wide risk and compliance. You'll see how our software can help you increase customer focus while addressing key industry requirements.

Insurance in the digital era

Learn how life and P&C insurers around the world are leveraging digital technologies such as Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things - and moving toward a consumer-first approach. Read this Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report for details.

Risk-finance collaboration

Progressive insurance companies are pursuing greater interdepartmental collaboration with finance. Find out how they're making the transition - in this IDC Financial Insights report based on a global study of insurance and finance executives.

Get ready for mobile policyholders

Discover how mobile technologies are forging new links between insurers and their policyholders. This infographic explores how mobile apps and data give insurance companies the opportunity to offer on-demand, personalized services that help mitigate risks and losses.

Rethinking insurance in the mobile world

According to two global surveys by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 64% of consumers only interact with their insurers about every 6 months - or less often. Read this report to learn how the mobile channel makes it easier for insurers and policyholders to stay in touch.