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Cutting Tools Management

Extreme provides unique ERP Software Solutions for cutting tooling industry. A single tool passes through number of production stages before it is finally delivered to customers.

Cutting Tools Management System

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Handling Sub SKU on Order Receipt

Product's specifications like length, width, dia, thickness etc. are captured on receipt of order.

Any changes in item specifications, before production, on approval of design are automatically changed backwards from job card to order.

Weight Calculations

Row Material Type link with Finished Product material type.

Weight and Pcs based inventory units.

Auto calculation of weight based on size of material.

Managing Multiple Stages & Sub Stages at Shop Floor

User definable production stages and sub stages like in grinding stage can itself have number of sub stages like rough grinding, width grinding etc. Some features:

Job transfer from one customer to another at mid of production.

QC at each production stage.

ssemble multiple job to make sets.

Job card for rework.

Fast Track jobs

Job transfer from one production unit to another

Cutting Tools Management

By combining the use of this cutting tool management software with NX CAM and Teamcenter, you can ensure that the tools specified in your manufacturing plan are the right tools used in production.