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Build profits: Property and construction management software

Lay a foundation for profitable growth with Extreme software for construction companies, home builders, and property management firms. Our solutions cover everything from job costing and bidding to project management and HR. Use the latest technologies to improve efficiencies, reduce risk, and run "smart projects" that maximize margins.

We have software for every aspect of your engineering and construction business

The construction and tenant lifecycle

Deliver higher value construction and commercial real estate services. Discover how the Extreme for EC&O portfolio can help you better manage your projects, properties, equipment, and workforce - from pre-construction through to project delivery and asset management.

HR: Engage and inspire talent

Get an overview of Extreme's on-premise and cloud-based HR solutions for construction and property management companies. And find out how our state-of-the-art technology makes it easier to find, engage, and manage your talent across skill levels and regions.

ERP: Construction in the iPad age

Move beyond enterprise resource planning (ERP). Discover how converging mobile, business analytics, and cloud technologies can help you speed and streamline your business processes and make more informed decisions.